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Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection Services

Firefighting is the main function of any department, but it is actually one of the smallest task we do
based on call volume.

When we do however have to fight fire, we are well training and equipped with
the most up-to-date technology needed for our coverage area. Beside for our Utility Vehicle and
Command truck, all apparatus are capable of fighting fire, just on different scales. Our primary
firefighting engine (Engine 3-24) is equipped to handle any type of fire we may face from structure fires to trash fires. 
When we move into our smaller fires that are more off road, we rely on our two brush trucks (Brush 3-60, Brush 3-61, and UTV 3-83). These three units are capable of getting us into small places over rough terrain. These units also have a four wheel drive support truck that is an off road engine (Engine 3-22).


 Rescue Services

Rescue services can also be a main function of any Fire Department. When we are called to any type of rescue call from an injury accident to water rescue, and yes of course the famous cat stuck in the tree call. We have a state of the art heavy rescue truck (Rescue 3-23) that is equipped with enough rescue tools to handle any situation we may be faced with in our coverage area. We even provide assistance to the surrounding ambulance services for lift assist and cardiac arrest situations.


Public Education
Public education is a big part of any emergency service. We pride ourselves in having a visible presents
in our community whether it be Friday night football games, to Holiday Parades and events, to Fire
prevention month with the local schools. We make an effort to get to know our community on a
positive note rather than at an emergency.

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