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Please request your burn permit here.


Village of Edwardsburg

Conditions of Burn:

The owner of the property shall be responsible for control of the fire at all times with available water and / or equipment resource’s on burn site.

The allowable items to be burned consist of wood only, not to include building products of any kind.

At no time shall petroleum products be added to the fire to enhance the burning of products, this includes all liquid fuels, plastic of any kind or tires, etc.

The fire shall not be left unattended at any time nor allowed to become a hazard to surrounding ground area or structures.

Weather conditions must be considered before starting of the fire, wind velocity, and direction may cause bad fire conditions.

This permit must be signed by the Chief.

This permit may be terminated at any time by the Fire Chief or any designated officer of the fire department, police or D.N.R.

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